Compliant fire equipment testing for remote communities

At our core, we're dedicated to consistency and excellence. Whether it's Portable Fire Equipment testing or any of our other services, we pride ourselves on delivering uniform reporting that adheres to the strictest Australian Standards. Our commitment to quality ensures that every report we provide not only meets but exceeds the requirements set by these standards. You can trust that with us, you'll receive comprehensive and compliant documentation for all your services, giving you peace of mind and confidence in our professional approach.

Fire Safety Testing

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Emergency Exit Light Testing
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Smoke Alarms

All tested and reported to Australian Standards. 

Professional services regardless of your location

If you're seeking top-notch Portable Fire Equipment testing services for remote communities, look no further! We take pride in offering reliable and professional testing solutions that you can trust. Despite the challenges of remote locations, our competitive edge lies in our innovative approach. We utilise our own aircraft and collaborate with like-minded clients on compliance schedules, sharing travel costs and ensuring cost-effective, high-quality services.

What's even better?

When you bundle our services on the same visit, the savings are even more remarkable. We believe in efficiency and cost-effectiveness, so by combining your Portable Fire Equipment testing with other services during the same trip, you unlock substantial savings while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and reliability. Your satisfaction and safety are our primary goals, and our bundled services reflect our commitment to providing you with the best solutions at competitive prices.